Why are we growing food in yards, empty lots, and other underutilized space?  Some people think we’re crazy.  Some people think we’re brilliant.  Mostly, we’re just on a mission.  

We started Foodscape to...

...improve access to fresh, healthy food.  By growing fruits and vegetables near where people live, we make it easier to get the freshest produce possible, for all people.

...build a sustainable food economy.  We are motivated to create a world that improves the soil, so that we can be growing food for decades and centuries to come.

...strengthen community connections.  Each week members of local foodscapes come together to pick up their fresh produce and other local farm items.  Some of our members didn’t know each other before Foodscape, and now they are friends.  We are glad to build the community around something healthy for our planet and our bellies!

...provide opportunities for young farmers.  We hire young and beginning farmers, to provide them with a paid opportunity to do what they love, grow food for the community.  Our farmers (“foodscapers”) are able to live in fun places for young people to live, while still having opportunities to work in agriculture.

...use underutilized resources for good.  Even small yards can be used to produce something we spend lots of money on at the grocery store.  All the lemons falling from unpicked lemon trees in yards, they can be used by the community.  Why not use this space to produce something valuable and delicious?

What excites you most about Foodscape?

Stay fresh,


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