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7 Holiday Gifts for the Cooking Enthuasist in Your Life

Tis the season! Check out our favorite gift items for cooking friends

We’ve compiled 7 of our favorite holiday gifts for the home cook.  Ranging from $10 to $300, these gifts are great finds for someone special in your life who loves to cook even if they don’t have much time to spend cooking.  All of them are available online for quick shipping, so there’s still time to get these delivered for the holidays

  1. Cast Iron Pan.  Cast iron pans are a staple for the home cook.  If you have nothing else to use to cook you’d be ok, as long as you have a cast iron pan.  Why are they so great? They’re incredibly versatile.  Cast iron pans can be used to saute, bake, roast, so you can make all sorts of recipes using them.  They also provide a little extra iron in our food, which is great for our health.  And they’re easy to clean!  
Gift this small cast iron pan for the breakfast lover, as it makes a great pan to make frittatas.  Just sauté the veggies, add the eggs, sauté for a bit and then stick in the oven. Or, gift the set of three, including a large cast iron pan, great for cooking up veggies and meat, all in one pan!
  • Vegetti.  Remember that time of year when you’re getting so much zucchini from your foodscape or the farmers market?  The Vegetti makes for a fun way to eat up lots of zucchini - spiralize it!  Make zucchini noodles (aka “zoodles”) for a healthy, low carb, high nutrient pasta.  Top with meatballs, tomato sauce or your other favorite pasta toppings for a full, clean meal.  This gift is great for the seasonal foodie, who may end up with zucchini up to her/his ears, or the health conscious friend, who is trying to eat lower carb meals in 2016!
  • Cooking Class.  You can’t go wrong with giving the gift of a unique food experience!  Williams Sonoma offers several classes and there are other local cooking schools depending on your city, like San Francisco Cooking School and Hipcooks in Seattle.
  • Crock Pot.  Every busy family deserves a crock pot!  This kitchen tool makes cooking meals for the entire family incredibly convenient.  Just stick all your ingredients in, set to cook, and slow cook your meal, so that come dinner time, dinner is served!  Low effort, high deliciousness!
  • Bamboo Cutting Boards.  These cutting boards are great for chopping vegetables, fruits, meats, and more.  Bamboo is a renewable resource and these cutting boards are incredibly durable.  Bonus points for you if you add the bamboo serving kitchen tools.  They match the cutting boards and make great spoons, stirrers, and salad servers!
  • Himalayan Salt Block.  A unique way to cook meats and vegetables, salt blocks provide a pristine and flavorful cooking dish.  Place meat or vegetables on the block, stick in the oven or on a grill and the flavor from the salt block permeates the food to make it taste delicious and contain some of the trace mineral elements from the salt.  A great way to cook something delicious and healthy!
  • Vitamix.  If you’re feeling extra generous this holiday season the Vitamix is a very nice gift for the home cooking enthusiast.  Vitamix blenders are the super blender!  They can make well beyond smoothies - soups, nut butters.  They can even pulverize an avocado pit to make a healthy avocado water!  
  • What is on your holiday home cook gift wish list?  

    Eat fresh,


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