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5 Real Reasons to Go to the Farmers Market

We all know that the farmers market features farm fresh and other local food. But why else go to the farmers market?!

You saw our list of 10 reasons to shop at the farmers market. After hearing more from you about why YOU shop at the farmers market, we've come up with 5 REAL reasons to spend your weekend afternoon perusing the fresh tomatoes & curly kale:
  1. Farmers are great conversationalists. Let’s face it, you haven’t had a really great conversation in awhile…go to the farmer’s market & feed your need to chat it up!
  2. Remind yourself what cash looks like. There are still many farmers that haven’t adapted Square yet, so until then, you’ll have to pay with cash or check (yes, they still exist). 
  3. When was the last time you were outside? Get out of that cubicle & start building your bank of Vitamin D.
  4. Meet other single people there. There’s no better way to bond than over some ripe tomatoes, plums, or carrots.
  5. Or if you're not single. Perhaps you're married with kids. Farmers Markets are a great place to pick up babysitters. Responsible, youthful, unemployed hipsters that go to the farmer’s market to pick up future lovers.
Which of these reasons is most likely to get you out of bed in the morning??
Stay fresh,
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