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10 Reasons to Shop at the Farmers Market

We can think of a lot of reasons to shop at the farmers market. Here are 10 of our favorite!

There are many reasons to shop at the farmers market. Here are 10 of our favorite reasons to shop at your local farmers market:
  1. It's fresh. Sometimes even pulled out of the ground that morning.
  2. It’s flavorful. Tomatoes actually taste like tomatoes. Apples are crisp and not covered in vegetable wax.
  3. No artificial ingredients, growth hormones, or other genetically modified foods. Those can’t be good for us anyways.
  4. Meet the person who grew your food. Get connected with the person & the work that goes into growing food. It’s not as easy as driving a truck to the local grocery station.
  5. Support the local economy. Every dollar spent at a farmers market can generate $2.80 for the community’s economy, compared with $1.70 per dollar contributed from agricultural exports.
  6. Contribute less to global warming. It takes more calories of energy to ship a head of lettuce from California to Michigan than there are calories in the actual lettuce. Same holds true for a lot of produce. Farmers come from neighboring towns & counties, cutting back on travel emissions. Get bonus points for bringing your own grocery bags.
  7. It's how we're supposed to eat. What do you think our cavepeople ancestors ate – canned beets or fresh beets? We were born to eat this way.
  8. Learn about new foods, like kale & kohlrabi. Don’t be scared of these green, strange looking (& sometimes smelling) veggies. Ask a farmer how she/he recommends preparing them & try something new!
  9. Get some fresh air. Walking around the farmers market is a great way to spend some time outside, soaking up Vitamin D & enjoy fresh, outdoor air.
  10. Make friends. You never know who you’ll meet at the farmers market. It’s a great place to meet people with similar interests or maybe even that special someone.
Why do you shop at the farmers market?
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